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Always Create From The Heart

Throughout the world an army of faithful young men and women are helping fulfill the words of the Prophet Joseph Smith, who foresaw a day when “the truth of God will go forth boldly, nobly, and independent, till it has penetrated every continent, visited every clime, swept every country.”

Yes, we can do hard things....  and dropping off a Missionary ranks right up near the top of the 'Hard Things' list - but sometimes it's easier if we are proactive and support each other in the process.  We found that if we focused on loving other Missionary Moms and sending lots of Love and Support to our Missionaries - it really made the 18 months and 2 years fly by. 

How to get started & Missionary Box Moms Hints:
If you know other mothers in your area - close friends, or family members that also have missionaries serving during at least part of the time as your missionary - it is so fun to start a ‘Missionary Box Mom’ group! We limited our group to 8 ‘Moms’ due to the fact that after we each put in 3 or 4 items per theme our boxes were really full.

Our group of ‘Box Mom’s’ met approximately every two months even though most of us sent boxes in between on our own. It was an amazing and unexpected bonus for all of us as we thought about and loved and prayed for missionaries other than our own how much joy and comfort it brought us. It truly made the days turn into weeks turn into months before we knew it! What a joyous occasion it was as some of our missionaries started coming home!!! (Honestly for us, doing this Box Mom Group, may have been more beneficial for the moms rather than the missionaries! But from the pictures our kids sent home – I think they LOVED the Boxes too!) 

If you know you will be sending your Missionary a few boxes in the coming months – pick out your ‘Themes’ ahead of time and shop for more than one box at a time. You will be so surprised at what you can find on clearance as you make your way thru your regular shopping chores. Don’t forget to check out your local Dollar Store, Farm Store, Thrift Store, and One of a Kind Stores – they can be your biggest treasure troves!  Some of our box items were found in the oddest most unlikely places - and they really made us giggle!

Also, remember to pick up at least a few items in double for your missionarie's companion! They need Momma love too! For about 3 months my son was in an apartment with 4 Elders so I just 'had' to send four of everything - and MY THAT WAS A CRAZY BOX!

Mail is very important to our missionaries! In our group each ‘Mom’ would write a handwritten letter to each of our 8 missionaries - plus on ‘Box Mom’ night we would bring 1 blank card for us to sign to give to our missionary’s companion.

For the mothers with missionaries serving outside of the United States - shipping is pretty costly so we limited ourselves to cramming everything into 1 box. But one of our moms had a daughter serving in California so she split everything up into 4 small boxes and shipped one per week to spread out the fun!
Everything in our boxes was either meant to be used, eaten, shared, or given away. We know that the first 3 letters in the word luggage is LUG and we didn’t want our missionaries to have to LUG things around for 2 years!

Presentation is Everything! So decorate those box flaps! Don't forget to add a little arrow pointing to the end of the box you want your Missionary to open it up on!

There are many ways to mail boxes - but don't forget to check the restrictions of items that cannot be mailed to certain countries if your missionary is serving outside the United States. So much love goes into sending any Box to your Missionaries ~ and it is heartbreaking when they get stuck in Customs ~ so double check before you send something! We used either the U.S.P. S. or My Missionary Shipping.

Remember to always Have Faith & Have Fun! We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. Send love and support to missionaries around the world!

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