Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Missionary Birthday Party in a Box!

A Box filled with an entire Birthday Party is a reason to CELEBRATE! What a Great way to help your Missionary feel Loved and not forgotten on their Special Day!!!
Plus, I think it helps us parents feel that we shared a little bit of their Birthday Celebration with them from afar!
Bonus: Fun Pictures Sent Home!!! 

Include in your care package a picture of your family holding a sign wishing 'Happy Birthday' to your Missionary. A little way to include you in with their party festivities!  

If you would like to send your own 'Birthday Party in a Box' care package to your Missionary - check out this kit we put together to help you do just that!  

This 'Birthday Party in a Box' kit is designed to give you a Quick and Easy way to send Your Missionary a Spiritual & Fun Care Package.  The Box Flap Designs & Printables have over 47 beautifully-coordinated pieces - available now on Etsy from the Missionary Box Moms.  

This kit includes a 28-Page High-Quality PDF file Download for DIY Printables including a Seven-Day Birthday Countdown and a Birthday Banner.  

 For Ideas to help you put together the perfect Missionary Care Package, how you can use each Printable, to find links to print General Conference talks and other stories to include in your box - look below!

Your Birthday is a Special Day we Celebrate each year,
The day that you left Heaven to begin your life down here.
God placed you in our earthly arms; we loved you from the start,
I think before you were even born, you lived inside our heart.
Twenty years can come and go much faster than you think,
An Infant, Child, and Teenager before you even blink.
Today you leave all that behind, a young man you will be,
When you look into the mirror a Stripling Warrior you will see.
Someone who serves his Father above, just like he should,
And one who has become the righteous man we knew he would.
So make sure you have your companion celebrate with you,
Unroll and tape us on the wall so we can party too!
Wear these crowns, eat your cake, and blow your party horn,
And have such fun celebrating the day that you were born!!!

Party Flap! It’s always so fun to see the pictures our missionaries send home of them opening up their crazy boxes decorated in whatever the theme that the box is.  Most of the boxes we mailed were 12X12X8 or 12X12X5 which meant the flap size was just under 12X6 so you can simply cut one piece of 12X12 scrapbook paper in half for each flap and trim to fit.  (The boxes are Free from the US Post Office)  To create your 4 flaps the MBM printables can be backed with any color of scrapbook paper that you choose - then attach to your mailing box with glue dots for durability. 

Depending on the size of the box you are sending – you could include or delete any of the following items – or come up with a few of your own.  This box is just for fun and something easily shared with multiple companionships sharing an apartment or even a whole district!

Items to Include:
Cake mix
Birthday candles - musical candles are fun
Dry drink mix
Crepe paper streamers
Table covering
Cake toppers
Confetti - photo confetti, shaped confetti, pieces of curling ribbon etc. 
Paper plates
Party blowers or noisemakers
Party hats
Birthday crown
Paper lanterns
Birthday cards - musical cards are fun
Party banner
Cute apron
DVD of birthday wishes from friends and family
Photo book with photos of friends and family with birthday wishes included as the text
A sound recording of family and friends singing happy birthday
A CD of Missionary approved uplifting music
Cute cupcake liners or wraps
Cupcake toppers - these are cute homemade
A happy birthday poster (a cute idea is to take a photo of family or friends holding a personalized birthday sign and including that in the package)
Loose or packaged candy - big lollipops are fun or bags of gumballs
A disposable camera
Placemats or doilies
Strands of fun mini lights
A pop up or simple centerpiece
Paper party/card games - birthday bingo, trivia games, pin the tail on the donkey type games, etc.
Small items that coordinate with theme - plastic dinosaurs, plastic necklaces, feather boas, etc.
Gift card, money or a coupon for ice cream or dinner
Small wrapped birthday gifts

Nabisco Oreo Cookies - Birthday Cake Flavor
Pop Tarts - Birthday Cake Flavor
Goldfish Grahams - Cup Cake Flavor
Cupcake Bites with Sprinkles from the makers of Cookie Bites

Make sure to be aware of any specific postal regulations of the country that you are sending this package to if it is out of the United States.

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