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One in a Minion ~ Half Way Box


Since all of our 'Mammas' have different halfway points we each did our own boxes to celebrate the occasion.  For my son's 'One Year Half Way Through' Box I decided to swap things up from the traditional ‘Camel’ and ‘Hump Day’ boxes by doing a Minion Themed District Party in a Box. It turned out really cute and I included something for all 6 Missionaries in his District so they all could celebrate with him. I found out afterwards that it just happened to also be one of the Elder’s and also one of the Sister’s Hump Day as well – so it turned into quite the party!!! 

If you would like to send your own 'Hump Day Box' to your Missionary - check out this kit we put together to help you do just that!

This 'One in a Minion Half-Way' kit is designed to give you a Quick and Easy way to send Your Missionary a Spiritual & Fun Care Package.  The Box Flap Designs & Printables have over 50 beautifully-coordinated pieces - available now on Etsy from the Missionary Box Moms.  (Dress Up some Minion Twinkie Designs Included!)

This kit includes an 18-Page High Quality PDF File Download for DIY printables.

★ For Ideas to help you put together the perfect Missionary Care Package, how you can use each Printable, to find links to print General Conference talks and other stories to include in your box - look below!

One in A Minion!!!  It’s always so fun to see the pictures my missionary sends home of him opening up his crazy boxes – and this box was definitely no exception.  I mailed a 12X12X8 box which meant the flap size was just under 12X6 so you can simply cut one piece of 12X12 scrapbook paper in half for each flap then trim to fit. This box was really easy to decorate - I just used two pieces of bright lemon yellow 12X12 scrapbook paper, cut in half. I then printed off the MBM Minion pictures on photo paper, cut them out and attached them to the box with Glue Dots for durability. 

Inside the Box I included this Instruction letter for him to follow:

Dear Coult,

Passing your One Year Mission Mark is truly an accomplishment and one worth celebrating!  Since we can’t be there in Spain with you to throw a Fun Party ~ I decided to send you one that you can throw for the 6 of you in your District!!!
  Decorations Included!

So, Instructions for Your One in a Minion Celebration!!!

1.        Carefully pull out the 6 wrapped in cellophane cups and set to the side – but don’t open them yet.
2.    You should see a cute blue t-shirt and plaid tie in your box just for you.
3.     Under those you should see a cake, some frosting, and some brownie mix.  Those are the only other things you should take out of the box for now.
4.     Carefully put back in the 6 wrapped in cellophane cups inside the box and keep until Party Day.
5.     On the day of your District Party ~ Bake your cake, then frost it, and bake the brownies.
6.     When all 6 of you are together you can unpack the rest of the box.  Each District Member will have their own Cup with His or Her name on it.
7.     Tell Each One of them that I send My Love and Big Hugs to them!  I am so happy that they are there with you in Spain to Celebrate. 
8.     Tell them that this party is for them too!  They are amazing and fabulous and I hope you all have the mostest wonderful party EVER!!!

I Love You Buggie!  To The Moon & Back!!!  Mom

Of course the care package wouldn't be complete without some mail - so I just had to add in some fun letters with envelope decoration to go with the theme. (Included in the MBM Kit)

Shopping List

Dollar Tree Stores, Inc. (Everything cost $1.00US)
1.     Despicable Me Large plastic Cups
2.     Tic Tacs Fruit Adventure Flavor
3.     Party Sunglasses (Multiple Designs)  I picked 6 different crazy ones!

1.     Duff Goldman’s Tie Dye Cake Mix
2.     Duff Goldman’s White Creamy Frosting
3.     Party Candle #1 (Yellow with Colored Polka Dots on it) For 1 Year Completed!
4.     Betty Crocker Despicable Me Fruit Snacks
5.     Despicable Me2 Duck Tape
6.     Hostess Twinkies (Pkg. of 10)  I bought 2 boxes and was able to get 4 more Twinkies snuggled into the box decorated like Minions!
7.     Camel Hump Day T-Shirt $7.50
8.     Minion B-A-N-A-N-A  T-Shirt $7.50
9.     Great Value Cherry Limeade Drink Mix Packets (Pkg. of 6)
10.   Despicable Me2 Party Napkins
11.   Eclipse Lemon Burst Ice Gum Container
12.  Betty Crocker Reese’s Dessert Bar Mix
13.   Snickers Mini’s Party Pack 40oz.

Zurcher’s Party Store
1.     Despicable Me2 Hanging Decorations
2.     Despicable Me2 Party Hats (Pkg. of 8)
3.     Despicable Me2 Stickers (4Sheet Pkg.)
4.     Despicable Me 2 Bounce Balls (Pkg. of 6)
5.     Despicable Me2 Goggles (Pkg. of 8) (Flat Paper Kind – not bulky)
6.     Despicable Me2 Blowouts Party Favors (Pkg. of 8)

Macy’s Department Store
1.     Striped Plaid Tie

Twinkies Minions!  I have seen lots of variations for decorating Twinkies cakes up to look like Missionaries – so I decided to give it a try!  I also took Despicable Me2 Duct tape and decorated the box up – which, as a bonus, helped for durability in shipping! 

One of my favorite finds was a Minion Bodywash - it smelled like Strawberry Banana!  Yum!


 Let the Party Begin!!!

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