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Love One Another Serve One Another Box ~ Valentine's Day Option

This 'Valentine's Day' kit  is designed to give you a Quick and Easy way to send Your Missionary a Spiritual & Fun Care Package.  The Box Flap Designs & Printables have over 27 beautifully-coordinated pieces - available now on Etsy from the Missionary Box Moms

This kit includes a 20-Page High-Quality PDF File Download for DIY Printables including fun new ways to share the gospel.  

For Ideas to help you put together the perfect Missionary Care Package, how you can use each Printable, to find links to print General Conference talks and other stories to include in your box - look below!                                                 

With this box we wanted to try something a little different ~ so we decided to send our Missionaries a Service Box of Love.  Our box theme was based around the Scripture Mosiah 4:15 which teaches us to Love One Another by doing Service For Another.  

Everything in this box was meant to be used in some way for our Missionaries to Serve Someone Else.  They could decide how and whom to serve and Oh My it was so much fun to hear about all the crazy, silly, fun ways they came up with to use the items we included!

And of course we threw in a few Valentine's Day
treats for them as well!!!

Our Hearts Will Follow Where Our Eyes Cannot!!!  It’s always so fun to see the pictures our missionaries send home of them opening up their crazy boxes decorated in whatever the theme of the box is. 

Most of the boxes we mailed were 12X12X8 which meant the flap size was just under 12X6 so you can simply cut one piece of 12X12 scrapbook paper in half for each flap. To decorate the flaps of the 'Love One Another ~ Serve One Another' Box we used one piece of Navy Blue 12X12 scrapbook paper and one piece of Plum 12X12 scrapbook paper for the four sides.  We then printed off the MBM printables onto photo paper, cut them out, backed them with Orange scrapbook and attached them all to the box with Glue Dots for durability. You can find Glue Dots at any craft store near you.

Be My Valentine!!!  One thing we always included in all of our Missionary Box Mom Boxes was a personalized letter to each Missionary from each Mother.  Inside our letters we included our testimonies, the reason we chose that particular item to include in the box, along with uplifting messages filled with love.  A lot of the items won't make much sense as to why you are including them in the box unless you explain how it specifically applies to your Missionary and to Missionary Work.  Many times over we have received thank you letters from our Missionaries - but the things they thanked us all for the most was the letters we included.  It’s just a little piece of ‘Home’ in a box!  So don’t forget to write! 

Mosiah 4:15  But ye will teach them to walk in the ways of truth and soberness; ye will teach them to love one another, and to serve one another.

John 3:16  For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

One of my favorite paintings of Jesus Christ serving.  "When ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God."  - Mosiah 2:17

Dear Missionary,

For this ‘Box’ we moms decided to do a Love One Another ~Serve One Another theme with each mom coming up with her own spin on it so it will be fun to see what they all come up with!  When I think of Loving One Another - the first thing that comes to my mind is service.  When you serve someone you forget yourself and whatever is troubling you and you just feel good.  It helps to put things into perspective and makes your whole day just seem better.  Sometimes I can remember running around like a chicken, just trying to get everything that needed to be done that day done – but the days that I specifically dedicated myself to doing service for someone made my days just better.  Maybe everything didn’t get done, nor done the way I might have if I had had more time, but that was OK because I had served someone.   The second thing that comes to my mind is attitude.  The way we look at one another, treat one another, and how we serve others ultimately becomes a huge chunk of the person that we are to become.  If we look at life and people and the opportunity to make a difference in this world in a positive way – our lives will be enriched and be more full. 

For quite a while now, as you have been on your mission, you have been serving others on a daily basis – and I am sure that you have seen a difference in your outlook upon the world.  You seem just genuinely happy and always have a smile in your heart if not always on your face.  I’m not saying that this takes away hard things, or that you haven’t had hard days, or won’t have harder days, or that troubles will not find you – but it does seem to make those troubles less hard as we think about and serve others.

Ultimately we are all on a mission of sorts – we came to this earth to gain a body, hopefully make good choices, and to someday return to live with our Heavenly Father.  Along this journey I hope we never forget that it is our privilege to meet and to serve our fellow brothers and sisters. 

'We are not human beings having a spiritual experience;
 we are spiritual beings having a human experience.'
 ~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

I read a couple of really touching poems and stories that each touch on the Worth of Souls in slightly different ways and I wanted to share those with you here.

The Touch Of The Master's Hand
Myra Brooks Welch  

It was battered and scarred,
And the auctioneer thought it
Hardly worth his while
To waste his time on the old violin,
But he held it up with a smile.
"What am I bid, good people", he cried,
"Who starts the bidding for me?"
"One dollar, one dollar, Do I hear two?"
"Two dollars, who makes it three?" 

"Three dollars once, three dollars twice,
Going for three". . . but no!
From the room far back a gray-haired man
Came forward and picked up the bow;
Then wiping the dust from the old violin,
And tightening up the strings,
He played a melody, pure and sweet,
As sweet as an angel sings.

The music ceased and the auctioneer
With a voice that was quiet and low,
Said "What now am I bid for this old violin?"
As he held it aloft with its bow.
"One thousand, one thousand, Do I hear two?"
"Two thousand, Who makes it three?"
"Three thousand once, three thousand twice,
Going and gone", said he.

The people cheered, but some of them cried,
"We do not quite understand.
What changed its worth?" Swift came the reply: 
"The touch of the Master's hand."
And many a man with life out of tune,
And battered and scarred with sin,
Is auctioned cheap to the thoughtless crowd
Much like the old violin.

A "mess of pottage," a glass of wine,
A game and he travels on,
He's going once, and going twice -
He's going - and almost gone!
But the MASTER comes, and the foolish crowd,
Never can quite understand,
The worth of a soul, and the change that's wrought
By the touch of the MASTER'S hand.  

1. In a chapel in southern France, the
   great emperor Charlemagne is buried
   in an unusual way...
   a. He is seated on a marble chair and
   wrapped in his emperor's robes
   b. In his lap is a copy of the New
   Testament, and his finger is pointing
   to a verse which reads:
   "For what profit is it to a man if he
   gains the whole world, and loses his 
   own soul? Or what will a man give in
   exchange for his soul?" - Matthew 16:26
2. In these words of Jesus we are reminded
   of the value of the soul...
   a. It is the most valuable possession
   one has 
   b. All the wealth and power one might
   gain is not worth the price of one's soul!
   -- Which may be the point of Charlemagne's
      unusual burial
"What is the value of a soul?" I asked the Lord
one day.  "What is it's worth upon the earth? 
How much does one soul weigh?"  Then He showed 
me a set of scales, in perfect balance, there. 
And, as I watched, he filled one side, with 
wealth beyond compare.
There was silver, gold and jewels, so beautiful and rare.  The
different treasures of the world, he quietly placed them there.
My heart began to tremble as I watched His nail scarred hands,
for on the other side of that great scale, I saw one single man. 

"Who is that man?" I asked Him, "that he should have such worth?"
He surely must be famous and the greatest man on earth. "Step
closer, now, and take a look," Jesus said to me.  As I drew near,
I recognized a man I'd often seen.

His clothes were old and ragged; in his hand he held a glass. He
was our city's poorest drunk, a man of lower class. "Lord, you
don't know that man," I said. "He's lived his life in vain. He'll
bring disgrace into the church and reproach upon your name."

"I'd like to know him," Jesus said, "but he does not know me. But
if you'll help me reach him, then what a change you'll see.  I'll
take that wretched, sinful life and cleanse it with my blood. And
when he gives his heart to me, I'll fill it with my love."
"His soul cannot be purchased with the wealth you've seen today.
But I was sent to die for him; my blood has paid the way. He's my
lost sheep," the Savior said, "And I love you both the same, But
if you think he's worthless, then I surely died in vain." 

"So when you look upon someone whose life is wrecked by sin, If
you'll just have compassion, then you'll share your brother's pain.
You must not look upon his past or what he seems to be. But look
beyond his many faults and know, I'll set him free.

"Don't look at him as just a man and only see his shame, but see
him as a precious soul that I have died to save." "This earthly
wealth," the Savior said, "cannot draw men to me. But I paid a
price upon the cross, to set this whole world free.
Author Unknown 

Well little one I hope you have loved these stories as I did.  They each made me want to try and do better.  Just as the sun rises in the morning and the day is new – I will try and rise and do better each day.  Trying to remember to find joy in service, even on the busiest of days, because it is all about the one.  When we see the effect one person can have on the lives of so many, it perhaps is no wonder that the Lord reminded us, “Remember the worth of souls is great in the sight of God” (D&C 18:10).

I love you to the moon and back ~ Always and Forever!!!  Lisa

Love You To The Moon & Back Again! Depending on the size of the box you are sending - you could include or delete any of the following items - or come up with a few of your own.  Missionaries are all about service - but we tried to come up with a few fun and new ways that they could Serve One Another!

Love One Another - Service Box Ideas:

* Valentine's Box Introduction Card - (In Every February...)

Print Off the Following Conference Talks and Stories: (Links Included Here) 

General Conference April 2002 True Friends by Henry B. Eyring Of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles
July 2011 As I Have Loved You by Barbara Thompson Second Councilor in the Relief Society General Presidency
Ensign August 1990 No One Is A Foreigner  by Giles H. Florence, Jr. Associate Editor 

Ensign April 1987 Faith With a Southern Accent by Giles H. Florence, Jr. Associate Editor
General Conference April 1999 True Followers by Robert J. Whetten Of the Seventy
General Conference October 1978 The Joy of Serving a Mission by Elder LeGrand Richards
New Era January 1973 The Current Bush by Elder Hugh B. Brown of the Council of the Twelve Apostles

Love One Another ~ Serve One Another Box Ideas:

* Personalized Letters From Family & Friends
* Pack of 'Thank You' note cards with a tag for the missionary asking them to write Thank You notes to their Zone Leaders, District Leaders, Companion, Mission President, Dinner Appointments, etc.
* Sugar Cookie Mix with Cookie Cutters and note 'Bake Some Cookies For Your District!'
* Cake Mix, Decorations, Frosting, Cupcake wrappers with note 'As a service to others - bake these cupcakes.  Decorate them and give them to someone who might enjoy them.  Think of the great joy you will feel when you share with others.  Thank you for your service to the Lord.  You are an awesome Missionary!  Happy Valentine's Day!'

* Mustard Seed Bookmark "...The Kingdom of Heaven is like to a grain of mustard seed... Which indeed is the least of all seeds: but when it is grown it is the greatest among the herbs, and becometh a tree..."  Matthew 13:31-32  Other scriptures regarding seeds: Matthew 13:1-8, 18-23, and Alma 32:26-43.

* Tag ‘As we lose ourselves in the service of others we discover our own lives and our own happiness’.

* ‘I am ready now’ notebook. (Deseret Book)  Add quotes & Thoughts to it.

* Post-It notes and pen – Tag ‘Leave little notes of encouragement, compliments, or just to make someone smile.  Leave the notes on mirrors, cars, bikes, creative!

* ‘I Love You’ wooden plaque.
* Tube Sock (One sock is inside the other sock) filled with toiletries and a snack.  Write a positive, uplifting note on the postcard enclosed.  Keep in the glove box or in your backpack and when you see someone who is in need give it to them.

* Inside a velvet pouch is a tiny scroll, a polished rock in the shape of a heart, an old key, a seed charm w/ribbon, and a mercury dime. 

Written on the scroll is the Following:

Be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope and joy that is in you. 1 Peter 3:15 John 15:11

We follow Christ’s example when we sow the seeds of the word of God.  Good seeds will enlarge the soul, enlighten understanding, and expand the mind.  They which have an honest and good heart, having heard the word, keep it and bring forth fruit.  Matthew 13:34  Luke 8:11&15  Alma 32:28 & 34

If you love Christ you will do missionary work.  The greatest gift to have as a missionary is charity, the pure love of Christ.  John 21:17  Moroni 7:47

By serving a mission you are giving a tenth of all that God has
given you.  Genesis 28:22

For whom God hath sent speaketh the words of God unto the convincing of men and it shall be given you what ye shall speak.  go ye therefore and teach and lo I am with you always.  John 3:34 Matthew 10:19 & 28:19-20  D&C 11:21

Administer the key that has been lost.  The key of the mysteries of the kingdom, even the key of the knowledge of God.  Luke 11:52  D&C 84:19

God is like a refiner's fire.  God shall prove us, dry us, and purify us as silver.  The words of the righteous are as choice as silver.  Psalms 66:10  Proverbs 10:20  D&C 128:24

Knowing Where to Look
I was blessed of God
as I served today,
He let me look
at my heart,
and what it had to say.

For I found written there
by the hand of God,
these words so true,
for me and you,
if we just abide.

There is not a needy soul,
that you can’t supply their need,
for God will put it in your hand,
if your heart is right indeed.

True value of life is not found
in what you keep for self,
true value is found in giving away
until there is nothing left.

By putting on the yoke of Christ
you will find this to be true,
for each command he’s given us
is only good for you.

(the world, we, I) need S'more Missionaries like you! 

I Liked the S'more idea so much - that I created one just for our Missionaries!

These darling printables below from 24/7 Moms cover individual cereal boxes (General Mills variety pack)

  • You have a heart of Gold - Golden Grahams
  • I'm not playing Trix.  I really like you.  - Trix
  • You are my Lucky Charm. - Lucky Charms
  • I like you Oh so much! - Cheerios (all three varieties)
  • You make my heart Swirl - Cinnamon Toast Crunch
  • I'm Cuckoo for you. - Cocoa Puffs

Two Kinds of People
There are two kinds of people on earth today,
Two kinds of people no more I say,
Not the good or the bad, for it's well understood,
The good are half bad, the bad are half good.
Not the happy or sad, for in the swift-flying years,
Bring each man his laughter, each man his tears.
Not the rich or the poor, for to count a man's wealth,
You must know the state of his conscience and health,
Not the humble and proud, for in life's busy span,
Who puts on vain airs is not counted a man.
No!  The two kinds of people on earth I mean,
Are the people who lift, the people who lean.
Wherever you go you'll find the world's masses
Are ever divided into these two classes.
And, strangely enough, you will find, too, I mean,

There is only one lifter to twenty who lean.
In which class are you?  Are you easing the load
of the overtaxed lifters who toiled down the road?
Or are you a leaner who lets others bear,
your portion of worry and labor and care?

- Ella Wheeler Wilcox

There is ALWAYS fun holiday Missionary attire to be found at the Dollar Tree Store! Especially the scarves and ties for only $1.00!

This MWAH Cute Printable is by Design Editor Catherine Davis

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